Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Guy sends 182K texts in a month and gets 1400 page phone-bill

Remember Deepak Sharma, the Indian man who sent 182,689 texts last month? Well, he just received his phone-bill. A 1411-page bill. By mail? Neee. The bill was was sent specially to him by the Airtel mobile operator.

At first I sent 50,000 SMS, after that I reached the figure of 1,13,000 and now I have reached the figure of 1,82,689 in one month. That makes it to 6000 SMS daily. Now I am aiming to send 3 lakh SMS which makes it to daily of 10,000 so that I can register my name in Guinness Book of World Records,
said Deepak Sharma...

By the way, he was on unlmited sms plan. I guess he is making the best out of Airtel's sms scheme with just 99 paise...that's 2,2 USD.


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