Thursday, June 09, 2005

SMS Text Messaging for Hair & Beauty Businesses

Are you still looking for that ‘chic’ hair style. Well, it might be just a sms away… even if its wedding hair, prom hair, hair jewelry or formal stuff. Here it goes! is the world’s first SMS marketing solution specially designed with the needs of hair and beauty practitioners in mind. Apparently, Salon.Textalert can send messages to all their customers, or ‘filter’ their address book according to such criteria as the name of the customer’s stylist, or whether the customer is male or female. The service operates on a pre-paid credits system and there are no sign-up or subscription charges. No additional software is required to use the system, which can be accessed from any internet connected PC.
P.s. I hope your search will not end here though…I don’t believe you’ll find a good stylist via sms anyway. Don’t blame it on me if you end up with a nasty haircut. I’m just the link man here. Peace!
[Via PR Leap]


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