Saturday, July 16, 2005

Chinese ‘twist’ to nigerian money scam

Nigerian letter scam? You’ve probably heard about this money scam…well, now it’s also on Short Messaging System format and it originates from China. The story goes that the recipients are told that they have won US$9.6 million through a lucky draw picked by a China-based company for its 20th anniversary celebration. Right…The winner, goes the SMS, is picked based on the recipient’s cell phone number. But there is a catch. The winner has to deposit between US$980 and US$1,000 via a bank transfer to an account in China as a sort of processing fee. Yesterday, department head Datuk Michael Chong warned the public to be wary of the SMS. So far only four people have alerted the MCA Public Services and Complaint Department to the scam.
[Via Malay Mail]


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