Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Students use SMS to cheat in exam

Inventing new ways of cheating in exams: mobile technology. Location:…India.
While investigating a paper leak at a prestigious engineering college, the CBI ( the Indian version of the FBI???) found that exam answers were leaked to 21 students through text messages. The incident became public after Delhi University officials realized that 21 candidates had identical marks in their physics, chemistry and mathematics papers, for the Delhi College of Engineering entrance exam. The main suspects were interrogated by the CBI yesterday. The investigating agency has now registered a case of corruption against them. The main accused in the scam is a former DCE student of the 2003 batch, who charged each student Rs 4 lakh. What was the trick? He would provide the correct answers through a special cellphone SIM card, which he gave to all 21 boys and instructed them to activate it only during the examination. One hour into the exam, he SMSed all the answers for the multiple choice question paper. Apparently, the students who were to dumb to use the ‘system’ were helped out by men delivering water to students in the examination hall. The suspect, who works with a private company has gone missing. And this is were the FBI comes in. Maybe. But probably not.
[Via NDTV]


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