Tuesday, July 19, 2005

UN backs Iraqi health authorities in massive polio vaccination campaign

The United Nations is sustaining Iraq's authorities in managing a massive polio vaccination campaign targeting nearly 5 million children across the country as part of a series of initiatives aimed at bolstering health among the population. Social mobilization efforts conducted by the health authorities all over Iraq have been particularly successful and at times extremely creative, involving not just television spots but also the use of loud speakers, banners, flyers, and the mobilization of religious and women's groups. To better inform the citizens of Irak, two mobile phone service providers sent text messages to all cell phones dependent on their service. They have announced the polio immunization dates and also that mobile teams would visit all houses. Many mothers reported learning about the anti-polio drive through these SMS messages, and UN officials said this support by private companies demonstrated the spirit of corporate civil responsibility emerging in Iraq.
[Via Relief Web]


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