Thursday, July 07, 2005

MLC to launch livestock prices by SMS

UK’s Meat and Livestock Commission will announce livestock prices by sms starting with the 18th of July. How about that? Farmers will soon be receiving price information from their local market by mobile phone. Once the service is up and running, subscribers will have the data relayed to them via text message for each of the local livestock markets they have signed up for. Joanne Knowles, senior manager at MLC economics, said farmers could opt for regional information, or prices from individual markets.

We think it is an ideal additional way of communicating with people and giving them information that’s easy to use and direct to them. It is a good opportunity to launch at this time of year because the sheep sales are bringing lambs onto the market. The service makes it easy to see what light or middle lambs, for example, are doing and decide whether to sell or hold on for another week,
Joanne Knowles said. Each text message would be charged at 50p adding that the service should pay for itself.
A similar scheme launched at Welshpool market by technology partner GloverSure Ltd was deemed a success and has at least 30 subscribers, said Mrs Knowles. 30 subscribers? Wow!
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