Sunday, July 17, 2005

SMS Culture While Driving Needs To Be Curbed

You’ve probably heard some ‘don’t text and drive’ stories. Well, here’s the Asian version. SMS culture among road users has now reached a critical level and should be curbed, said Malaysia’s Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk M. Kayveas. He said many motorists were now seen using the cellular telephone to send SMS while driving without realizing that such acts could lead to accidents.

Previously people were using the hand-phones while driving and we had drafted a law to prohibit it. Now, we have the SMS culture cropping up. The government has to look into this problem including amending the law if necessary,
he told reporters after launching the Road Safety Program for Cyclists on Sunday. Besides motorists, he said the SMS culture was also spreading to youths and school children who were sending SMS while riding the bicycle or motorcycle. It was reported that 9.5 billion SMS valued at RM5 billion on the average had been sent by hand-phone users in this country last year, an increase of 57 per cent compared with 6.1 billion in 2003.
[Via Bernama]


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