Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sms from crashed cypriot plane a hoax

The man who said that he has received a sms from a passenger on board of the Cypriot airliner which crashed north of Athens, has been arrested.
Police identified the man as Nektarios-Sotirios Voutas, 32. He had declared that his cousin, who he identified as Kostas Petridis, was on board and had sent him a cellphone text message minutes before the crash saying: Farewell, cousin, here we're frozen. But police in Thessaloniki said they had determined he was lying, and there was no Petridis on the Cypriot government's official list of victims.
Greek aviation officials said it was the country`s worst air disaster since a 1974 terrorist bomb aboard a TWA Boeing 707 caused it to crash in the Ionian sea with the loss of 88 lives. Helios Airways said the cause of the crash was "unclear". No one among the six crew and 115 passengers, most of whom were of Cypriot nationality, survived the crash.
[Via Sofia News Agency]


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