Wednesday, January 26, 2005

HP putting an end to Camera Phone Voyeurism?

Since the camphone was invented, although I'm sticking to interconectivity and not integration and I haven't dumped my Fuji yet, we've all become personal paparazzi. I get MMSes with pictures of MYSELF shot through the glass of my office walls, while I was resting my face (you know, a few secs every hour...)
HP has filed a patent for a technology that can allow me to remotely and automatically blur a picture taken without my knowledge from a camphone, with the help of a "image inhibitor" module.
This would be very tricky, like every other new democratic feature that pops out now and then, because, as people abuse their camphone, they could also abuse their "image inhibitors" and render camphones useless. This reopens the debate about the public/personal space.
A British spokesman for the company said that they're not thinking of implementing the technology now, since it would require worldwide consumer and government support. DUH!!!
Anyway, as it's a long way before that's going to happen, so please stand still, honey, I'm taking you a mobile pic and sending it to all the people in my adress book.


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