Friday, March 18, 2005

Sms brakes new gorund in the US

A recent study found that americans are starting to use more the short message service (sms). Now, let's look of some numbers. 63 percent of cell phone users ages 18-27 have used text messaging compared with 31 percent for ages 28-39 and 7 percent for those over 60. Totaly, 25% of of American adults who have cell phones have used the devices' text-messaging features within February 2005. Compared with past studies, the number of sms users has exploded. the Pew Internet and American Life Project, also found that 28 percent of people who text message have received unsolicited commercial messages that way. I remember, this hapenned in Europe once. Oh, Europe is still spaming? Neee. The sms service might be ideally suited to bringing american teen the spam . I only hope american operators hold tightly to their tariffs. Growing sms usage is in fact a great leap for them ...when it comes to counting customers' money of course.


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