Friday, March 18, 2005

Texting for sex in an evil way

Yesterday a love story started by SMS made it to the headlines, asa a true evidence of the fact that more and more adults have started to use mobile texting as a tool for arranging sex meetings. The ideea seemed trendy, funny or weird at worse, but this impression is wrong: some adults use texting for child corruption! The local police in Warren County’s Hamilton Township arrested Winfred Walden, aged 26, who tried to attract teenagers for sex using SMSes. Policemen found in his cell phone text messages he sent to a 13 year old girl. According this, Walden and the girl exchanged messages for more than two months, and the SMSes coming from him were full of porn sh.... errr, graphic sexual language. He also arranged a meeting for sex, but the girl's parents found out about it and called in for help.


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