Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pope's death hailed in SMS-speak

Reuters reports an SMS hysteria caused by Pope's funerals, mainly in Italy, where MTV Italia invited viewers to send in text messages about John Paul 2nd. The messages scrolled across the bottom of a screen unusually void of scantily clad dancers and sexual innuendo. "TVB Papa," wrote one MTV viewer -- common SMS currency for "ti voglio bene" (I love you). Another read "6 un grande. K triste siamo" (You're fantastic. How sad we are)...
In life, the Pope wrote his encyclicals by hand in Polish and left his aides to transfer them onto computers. In death, people around the world leaned on their laptops to muse over how much the Pope and his death meant to them.
The phenomenon is sighted all over the world: a Mexican site included a chat room discussing the hypocrisy of people openly mourning the Pope but blatantly behaving in ways that flout his moral teaching. "I find it deeply sad to see how man has become a social parasite, joining in with everybody else for their own pleasure and comfort but with no integrity," the site manager wrote.


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