Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Display text messages at concerts

Imagine this. You’ll go to a concert and local-text everybody on a large screen...for all to see and wonder what the hack are you trying to say! Anyway, this will happen beginning with the summer Clay Aiken tour. Finally, you can do a lot more with your phone than just wave it or stick it. In fact, it’s still marketing. I only hope it's a small phenomenon. Follow me…

Large screens in each venue on the tour will offer audiences a way to display text messages for all to see. There will be also a call-in number for purchasing a variety of official merchandise.
So, the public will have their heads down the whole time, text messaging and buying stuff instead of enjoying the concert. I think Fred Durst will be very annoyed seeing people aren'y paying to much attention to his wanna be rock music.
You see something you like, and we deliver it to your home,
Boomerang Mobile Media founder and CEO Glenn Field said.
These are exclusive items purchased through the security of your phone, and the day it should have arrived you’ll get a follow-up phone call to confirm you received it.
Roger that. What’s next Glenn?


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