Friday, June 10, 2005

Sms Services connect magazines to mobiles

After the sms hairstyle ‘bizz’, another business is also going to get its hands on the sms service to better attract costumers. The companies - Norwegian publisher Fast Forward Media Group and Belgian technology company Allisblue - presented their new ways of connecting consumers to publications on Thursday at a conference of European publishers in Amsterdam. The two companies are combining online-only glossy magazines with mobile short-message texting services to link mobile handset users to internet publications even when they are not online.

Many of the publishers are struggling to find ways to earn money on the internet, which is luring away readers of their print publications.

With the new combination, consumers on the go will be able to send keywords to a short telephone number from their handsets, after which they will be sent emails with links to magazines they have requested, the two companies said.
The animated magazines, which can be leafed through like real magazines, feature links to music, film and other multimedia content, which is sponsored by advertisers or which can be bought and paid for from the mobile phone account. Fast Forward Media said it would start the service with free online magazines such as
[Via Silicon]


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