Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Spain offers SMS heat wave alerts

[Via Yahoo News]

If you live in the southern Spanish region of Andalucia and you're afraid of the heat, then you shouldn't worry. Help is on the way: a sms service has been created just to announce subscribers about incoming hell temperatures. In the southern city of Cordoba, for example, residents would be sent a text warning as soon as temperatures hit 41 Celsius (105.9 Fahrenheit). Madrid also planed a three-month campaign to begin on Wednesday. It's aimed at preventing heat-related ailments, including a Red Cross telephone hotline. The Spanish government foresees a slightly hotter summer than last year, when the health ministry logged 39 heat-related deaths.
This sms service will hopefully help prevent the extreme heat death causing episodes. In 2003, a brutally hot European summer which left thousands dead in neighboring France. There were also 141 extreme related deaths in Spain.
P.s. Let’s all pray for some cool trips to the grocery stores and also for some easy physical challenges in our daily activities.


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