Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Glasgow's strathclyde university offers texting class

Mobile phone users of a certain age are eager to join university seminars that unlock the world of texting. Why not play ball and attend seminars at the same time huh? Evolution at it’s best! Lasting for two hours and costing a mere £3 ($5.40), Glasgow's Strathclyde University's Lifelong Learning Centre is already oversubscribed for the classes, which begin on 1 September. In an alliance with Orange, expert instructors will take students through the "art", teaching them how to write and send a message on their phones.
In separate two-hour seminars they may also learn other skills, such as filing names and telephone numbers into a mobile phone address book.
Previously, the courses had only been offered to those over 50, but inquiries from a younger age profile proved that many people now aged 30 to 40 are trapped on the "cusp" of a technology revolution.
... Our courses provide an opportunity to learn the new technology with like-minded people, without having the feeling that they are somehow behind the times.
[Via Scotsman]


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