Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Women are natural born texters

Men are from Mars, women from Venus… also when it comes to ways in which they’re communicating via cell-phones. It looks like men spend far more time and cash chatting on mobile phones than women, according to a Mintel report. Wow! Mobile-mad men are much more likely than women to talk on their phones without thinking at the financial consequences. I’ve always thought that women are greater talkers. However, women are far more likely to keep in touch with friends and family by text message, the survey revealed. I’m telling you, women are multi-taskers, they’re able to juggle many things. This is why they text with the left hand and cook dinner and help the kids with homework and answer the phone and keep an ear on the radio with the right hand. Now, let’s switch to the ‘underaged’ stats. Well over half of all children under 15 (57 per cent) have their own handset with nearly one-in-five seven and eight-year-olds owning their own mobile despite recent health fears, according to the Mintel report.
The study found that expanding ownership of mobiles is having a profound influence on how people, especially the young, arrange their social lifes. Right. The study also found that women are most likely to be 'Social texters', with nearly two-in-five (39 per cent) women fitting in to this group, compared to just one-in-four (25 per cent) men
Mintel senior market analyst Ellen Shiels said:

Texting among consumers is still phenomenally popular, and looks to become ever more so.


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