Monday, June 13, 2005

Cell phone text messages lead police to kidnapped teen

Discreetly holding her cell phone by her leg as she sat in her ex-boyfriend's car, Kelly Lazo screamed for help with the quiet typing of text messages. No, it’s not a Scream movie script. It’s actually a real life situation . In one of the first messages, she typed,

I need help. My boyfriend, he's trying to go to New York with me and I don't want to go there,
recalled her new boyfriend, Elder Lazaro. Oops. Already dumped the kidnapper? Right. Eventually, in a flurry of messages to her sister, Ms. Lazo was able to say what highway signs she was passing. Nassau County police stopped the car on the Long Island Expressway and arrested Mr. Machuca, 23, who was charged with kidnapping in both Maryland and New York state. End of story.
[Via Hometownannapolis]


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