Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A new exhibition on mobile phone technology

Arena art gallery will host next week a new exhibition on mobile phone technology. Eleven artists are encouraging viewers to take a deeper look at mobile phones. Apparently, their work is trying to explore not only the technology, but the personal, social, and political effects of this mobile becoming device found in over 50 per cent of people's pockets…from lo-fi to cutting-edge.
The show includes artist-made wallpapers downloadable in the gallery, re-arranged classic ring tones and the opportunity to chat via text with an artist in a hut in Sweden, , Sean Hawkridge(Curator of the exhibition) said.
Work in the exhibition explores the mobile as a materialized video camera concept, giving audience members the chance to add to the images on show; other artists explore their handsets as personal treasures, lifelines and albums, and some find humor in our phones, with takes on past communication inventions and our paranoia about how it all works."

Mobile communications is almost like an epidemic which has gripped our lives, so sometimes it's good to take a step back and view it from a different angle,
Chairman of the Liverpool Culture Company board Professor Drummond Bone said.
The exhibition will open on Saturday 13 August and it will close its doors after 3 weeks. The gallery will be open from Wednesday to Saturday 12pm to 5pm at 82-84 Duke Street in Liverpool. Have fun!
[Via Art Daily]


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