Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Texting with Bono

He’s a very appreciated music artist. He also had a sleepover at Bill Gates' place. Now U2 lead singer Bono is text messaging against AIDS and poverty in Africa, and helping Sun potentially dig up new business.
For about five minutes every show, Bono asks concertgoers to show support for certain causes by cell phone text messaging the word "unite" to a particular telephone number. Ten seconds later, their names appear on a giant screen behind the stage, and they get a "thank you" text message from Bono. Sun designed the system just for Bono, but now says a major U.S. company is interested in using the underlying technology. Go Bono go. Anyway, taking money from concertgoers is like bagging from baggers. Perhaps he could try persuading the politicians to come join his philanthropist show. The song remains the same…


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