Monday, May 30, 2005

Mobile coaching for the Baccalauréat

[Via L'atelier ]

French Wireless operator Orange has just launched an "SMS mobile coaching service" to help students study for ‘Le Baccalauréat’ exam. Dieu, Oh mon Dieu !The coaching aims to motivate, inform and help the students to be better organized. Right…how motivating is that? Students need to sign up online and define his/her profile by answering several questions such as which Bac section they are in, and their priorities... as well as define the number of messages he/she would like to receive. I wonder if parents could subscribe instead of their children…Each m-coaching program is composed of 20 SMS; costs= 20 multiplied by 0,35 euro. The ‘thing’ can be closed just by sending this sms to the service: ‘Stoooop! Enough already…back to the Rolland Garos match!’.


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