Monday, June 13, 2005

Hong Kong Drafting Law Against SMS Spam

There have been plenty of stories lately about various countries finally getting around to cracking down on spam, so it's no surprise to see another story along those lines. However, it seems that Hong Kong's plans to fight spam are exceedingly vague. Basically, they say they'll come up with some sort of law at some point in the future that will ban some spam and some kinds of year. So, until then…let them grow.

The government has been consulting with industry groups as it drafts the law
, said Au Man-ho, director-general of the Telecommunications Authority. Au said Saturday that direct-marketing companies that use automated calling on an unsolicited basis "can be considered a spam problem."However, Au said the law - to take effect during 2006 - would not cover "manually made cold calls" to avoid interfering with normal business activities. He said the issue still requires public discussion and that the government is working with fixed-line and mobile operators to create a code of practice for telemarketing.
[Via Cellular-news]


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