Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Texting in public…phones

Newcastle's payphones have been upgraded and can now send SMS messages to mobiles anywhere in the nation. Now, we can text in public. Well, isn’t that cute? That’s a full-service I guess. More than 320 of the region's Telstra payphones have been programmed to ensure everyone in the community can send a SMS for less than the cost of a local call. The Newcastle region joins close to 70 per cent of regional NSW's 5600 plus payphones in having the SMS option. Telstra Country Wide area general manager, Martin Adlington, said the innovative new feature was another way the company was keeping its payphones up-to-date with relevant, everyday services.

Telstra is committed to the development of better, smarter ways to meet the needs of all our customers, and we consistently strive to find creative solutions to meet these needs,
Mr Adlington said.
The new technology will not only benefit deaf and hearing impaired people but payphone users in general - particularly young people who don't have a mobile, who's mobile is out of credit or has a flat battery. It's as simple as lifting the receiver and following the prompts to craft your own message or select a preset one such as "Meet me @ ..." all for just 20 cents per message.

[Via Newcastle.yourguide]


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