Wednesday, June 15, 2005

President’s cell phone bombarded with over 2,000 text messages after public disclosure of number

Not too long ago, Indonesia’s President came out with this odd offer for the ‘electorate’: Indonesians who are frustrated by bureaucratic red tape or inept officials could call him directly or send him a text message to report lazy officials and acts of corruption. Well, reports on corruption and offerings of lucky charms were among the text messages received by the President via his cellular phone not long after the launch. You wanted it, you got it! A presidential spokesman says thousands of text, or SMS messages were sent to the number. Indonesia's Antara news agency says President Yudhoyono mentioned his cellular phone number when he launched an agriculture, plantation, forestry and marine uh revitalisation project in West Java. President Yudhoyono, who took office last October, has vowed to improve Indonesia's chronic bureaucratic problems. He says his mobile phone will be available 24 hours a day for the public to voice their complaints. Earlier, the AFP news agency said it was unable to get through on the phone number. Can the President manage all the sms stuff? Perhaps it’s time to hire a sms counselor. Pick me Mr. President, pick me! Neh, I’m too young for this!!
[Via Asiamedia]


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