Thursday, June 16, 2005

Text messaging to cut witness time at court in Lincolnshire

[Via eGov monitor]
Here’s an example of how Great Britain’s low courts is using text messaging. Witnesses in criminal court cases in Lincolnshire can now be sent a text message when they are due to appear in court.

A new computer system called XHIBIT being introduced at Lincoln Combined court can reduce the time witnesses of crime spend waiting in court to give evidence. The technology saves time for witnesses including police officers, meaning they attend court only when they are needed. It could save 80,000 police days every year and mean more policing on the streets.

XHIBIT is now being rolled out across England and Wales, following a successful pilot at a Crown court in London last year. Good thing it’s spelled XHIBIT and not XZIBIT( the Pimp my ride show host… wouldn’t be too appropriate I guess).


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